Sandy Duncan

Jan Duncan

Audrey Munro

Audrey McWilliam

Joan Simpson

Jean Cooper

Tom Marshall

Mo Butterly

Ronald Rogers

Peter Mitchell

Archie Mitchell

Ian Mitchell

Hamish Christie


Douglas Ross

Not in attendance:

Ewan Cruickshank

Willie Duncan


Trustees in attendance

Tom Marshall

Peter Mitchell

Ronald Roger


Trustees not in attendance

Willie Duncan

Archie Mitchell



Minutes of the last AGM – Proposed by sandy Duncan & seconded by Audrey Munro – 1 amendment Ian Mitchell was in attendance and not noted in the minutes


Apologies as above


Chairman’s Report:  Sandy gave an account of all the organised events of the last year & the proposed forthcoming events (as below)

·         Plant sale / coffee morning 2015

·         Picnic

·         Whist drive

·         Quiz night

·         Xmas party

·         Hogmanay bash

·         Burns Supper

·         Hall Federation meeting

·         Plant sale & coffee morning 2016


·         Summer Picnic – date set as sat 20th August 2016

·         Quiz – Fri 11th November 2016

·         Whist nights – 30th September & 4th November 2016

·         Xmas party – Tues 27th December 2016 from 2pm to 4pm

·         Burns Supper – Fri 27th Jan 2017

·         First Aid / basic Life Support training – date TBC


Hall website:

  • To be developed again as previous site no longer functional

Treasurers report::

  • Mo distributed a very detailed report to all in attendance
  • Constitution distributed to the Trustees in attendance at the meeting
  • Jean Cooper proposed the minutes / report & Joan Simpson seconded them

Committee resignations & appointments:

  • Tom Marshall has tendered his resignation as a Trustee – position yet to be filled
  • Susan Clark – secretary resigned in January (duties split at present)
  • Audrey Munro happy to continue to take the bookings(booking secretary) however more committee members to take a turn at checking the hall following a booking. Audrey will also continue to update Facebook.
  • Audrey proposed by Sandy & seconded by Mo
  • Jan & Audrey McW will share the secretarial role. Jan proposed by Sandy & seconded by Audrey M and Audrey McW proposed by Mo & seconded by Ronald.
  • Sandy proposed as chairman by Audrey M & seconded by Mo
  • Treasurer – Mo proposed by Sandy & seconded by Audrey M

Trustees report:

  • Vent coming out from cooker – noted to have a part missing
  • Roof ridging to be replaced
  • Front door exterior light fitting broken
  • Fire escape door – lock / door frame to be repaired or replaced
  • Paint within the hall – walls noted to be in need of a clean or possible redecoration


First Committee meeting date:  – Mon 15th August @ 7pm



Roof tiles – ridges to be replaced

Solar panels – possible funds / grant available from the windfarm

Finance – Premium Bonds discussed as an investment as no interest at present from the current bank accounts

Constitution – to be updated and an extraordinary meeting to be arranged to agree the changes – date TBC within a short time frame.


Vote of thanks: Sandy thanked all in attendance for their continuing support for the last year and in anticipation for the next year


AGM finished @ 2100 hrs