Fogwatt Hall committee meeting- Monday 15th August 2016 @ 7pm


Sandy Duncan

Jan Duncan

Audrey Munro

Audrey McWilliam

Willie Duncan

Joan Simpson

Mo Butterly

Ronald Rogers

Peter Mitchell

Ian Mitchell

Hamish Christie


Jean Cooper

Archie Mitchell


Not in attendance:

Ewan Cruickshank  Douglas Ross



Minutes of the last meeting- Proposed by sandy Duncan & seconded by Jan Duncan


Apologies as above


·         Summer Picnic – date set as Sat 20th August 2016

·         Quiz – Fri 11th November 2016 (Mo & Audrey)

·         Whist nights – 30th September & 4th November 2016

·         Xmas party – Tues 27th December 2016 from 2pm to 4pm

·         Burns Supper – Fri 27th Jan 2017

·         First Aid / basic Life Support training – date TBC



Next Event:


Picnic Sat 20th August  2016

  • Site booked – Will ie to check if the toilets are open
  • Already advertised on Facebook & Northern Scot
  • Archie to supply usual sacks etc.
  • Ian organised ice cream, crisps & juice from Mackenzies
  • Audrey will buy cakes (100), milk (2 x 2 litre cartons) & sausage rolls (approx. 100)
  • Audrey to buy trays for heating up sausage rolls along with tin foil & kitchen roll
  • Sandy will buy insulated cups for the tea (100)
  • Sweets for prizes – Sandy to check out Bookers & let Audrey know
  • Mo will source the medals & ? stickers
  • Committee to meet @ 1pm at the hall & bring along hats & shoes for the obstacle race


Burns Supper: Fri 27th Jan 2017

  • Sandy to book sandy Ross



  • Roof tiles – ridges to be replaced – Sandy has spoken to Willie Legge. No come back on current tiles? to be replaced by concrete tiles, Sandy to contact Willie Laing again.
  • Solar panels – possible funds / grant available from the windfarm – bid submitted (approx. £16, 000), awaiting outcome from community council / wind farm. Sandy has been in contact with 2 firms for quotes. Different options discussed. Some trees may need tp be trimmed to allow full potential of the sun.
  • Finance – Premium Bonds discussed as an investment as no interest at present from the current bank accounts – discussed & dsimissed
  • Constitution – to be updated and an extraordinary meeting to be arranged to agree the changes – date TBC within a short time frame. Sandy to speak to Karen Wiles re legal aspects of changing the constitution, extraordinary meeting arranged for Mon 26th Sept @ 7pm Fogwatt Hall
  • Notice for car park – Ian to take forward – “ Park at your own risk””
  • Defibrillator for hall & training for use of the defibrillator – Willie to find out more about other areas and how & where they store them and where they purchased them.
  • Fire door – now fixed
  • Hall website: – To be developed again as previous site no longer functional – Audrey M to take forward
  • Thank you note to be sent to Wardend fishery – Audrey McW to take forward



Next  Committee meeting date:  – Mon 26th Sept @ 7pm – extraordinary meeting


Meeting finished @ 20:10 hrs