Fogwatt Hall Committee meeting – Monday 9th May 2016


Sandy Duncan

Jan Duncan

Audrey Munro

Audrey McWilliam

Joan Simpson

Jean Cooper

Mo Butterly

Ronald Rogers

Peter Mitchell

Archie Mitchell

Willie Duncan


Ian Mitchell

Not in attendance:

Ian Cruickshank

Hamish Christie

Douglas Ross



Coffee morning

Saturday 14th May 2016

Advert was in the paper last week & signs to go up tomorrow night.

Jan to make the batter for the pancakes as the baker we normally use has closed down.

Peter will supply the plants for the sale along with Norman Walker & Archie Mitchell.

Raffles prizes ?some in the smiddy – Audrey M to check – all donations welcome

Entry fee discussed and decision made to keep fee at £2


Cake & Candy – Mo

Plants – Peter & Archie

Bottle Stall – Ron

Kitchen – Jan, Jean, Joan & Audrey McW

Tables – Hamish, Willie & Sandy

Front door – Audrey M


Jan to get:

Ingredients for pancakes

Milk for coffee – 4 x4L

Coffee – Nescafe & small decaf

Diluting juice – Orange & Blackcurrant


Jean to get:


Sandy to get:

Butter from cash & carry 2 boxes & small paper plates


Jan to bring jugs

Peter to bring another microwave


Hall to be set up on Friday night – all to help as able (6pm)

Doors open @ 10m on Sat – committee to be at the hall for 9am


Federation Meeting

Jean & Joan attended – nothing to report back



Scheduled for Monday 16th May @ 7.30pm – committee to meet @ 7pm to discuss coffee morning




Mo asked Sandy to check if the insurance policy for the hall has been renewed or not. The policy needs to be displayed on the notice board prior to the AGM next week.


Electricity supplier contract – was due for renewal at the end of April – no changes staying with SSE, Sandy to check this has also been renewed.


Sandy / Audrey M & Ian Mitchell to explore if water boiler is positioned safely in the kitchen or should it be lowered for safety reasons or can we make up a small stool to sit underneath to prevent spillage / splashing.


Roof – some ridging tiles appear to be damaged, Sandy to ask Willie Legge if the hall has any comeback? faulty batch


Wind Farm Grants- Willie asked if the hall were going to apply for any funding – Further solar panels discussed


Willie asked if anyone had anything to be brought up at the next community council meeting, Peter talked about drain issues & Willie suggested tarring the pavement to and from the hall.


Willie asked who had the keys for the notice board, Sandy thinks he has one, Audrey thought the smiddy had one but it didn’t seem to work.


Sandy updated the group about the website – we do not currently have a website but Sandy has spoked to the people who have taken over the business contacts, the group agreed to progress with them, Sandy to speak to them and update the group. Hall to pay any fees incurred.


Jan asked about defibrillator for hall – Willie thought that the community council may supply a defibrillator. Sandy to explore a potential training day at the hall for first aid / basic life support.


Meeting finished @   2000hrs